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Petition by
American Society of Civil Engineers & Transportation Construction Coalition

Dear Senator/Representative,

As someone who relies on the nation’s transportation network every day for work and family activities, I’m very concerned about the conditions of roads, bridges and transit systems in my community, and traffic congestion that is getting worse.

Unfortunately, gridlock on Capitol Hill has produced more than 30 short-term funding extensions over the past six years, and not a long-term plan, which makes it hard for my local and state officials to plan and pay for needed repairs and improvements to the roads, bridges and transit systems.  You were elected to address tough national issues, and making sure our transportation systems are in good shape should be a top priority for you.

My message to you is simple:  When it comes to America’s transportation network, the status quo is no longer acceptable.  It is time for you to help find a sustainable transportation funding source that actually allows us to pay for the repairs and improvements we need so our roads and bridges are safe and our commutes more reliable.

I look forward to your response and to hear more about how you are going to be part of the solution on this issue.  Thank you.

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