To prevent the projected funding shortfall and improve our surface transportation network, we must raise the motor fuels user fee by 25 cents per gallon. Increasing the user fee rate would provide the revenue needed to modernize our roads, bridges, and transit and address the funding deficit . This would provide a much-needed infusion of $375 billion over ten years and combat the $1.1 trillion investment gap in roads, bridges, and transit between now and 2025.

If we don’t raise our motor fuels tax, America’s surface transportation infrastructure deficit will continue to worsen and cost households and businesses nearly $147 billion. This included approximately $109 billion in vehicle operating costs, $36 billion in travel time delays, $1.4 billion in safety costs and $0.7 billion in environmental costs.

This small increase at the pump will save you and your family money and help strengthen our nation’s economy.

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